Australian Kelpie in Holland

Bashyr, Indra & Numme (lying down)
Bashyr at wprk with sheep.
Bashyr, Indra & Numme.

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Photo-albums of our dogs



For more information about Australian Kelpies, have a look at the following pages:

Voor meer informatie over Australian Kelpies, kijk eens op de volgende pagina's:


Photo's of our dogs / Foto's van onze honden



Kennel Mate for Life & Dinky-Di-Dutch (English & Dutch)

Kennel Outback Drovers (English & Dutch)


Rasvereniging Australian Cattle Dog en Kelpie (only in Dutch) Dutch breedclub

Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch gebied in Nederland (only in Dutch)


Kennel Callicoma (English) Will get pups from Bashyr (frozen semen). TIP!

Kennel Kusco (English)

Kennel Susthenskys (English)

Kennel Wingdari (English)


Kennel Yooranah (English & Dutch)

Czech Republic

Kennel Mount McKinkey (English & Czech) Pups of Hamu and Bashyr. TIP!

Mount McKinkey's Colorado Grimm Brown (only in Czech)

Mount McKinkey's Crazy Black (in English)


Kennel Born to Work (English & Danish)

Kennel Skovfarmen (English & Danish) Pups of Cita and Bashyr. TIP!

Skovfarmens Chocolate Dixie Dream (only in Danish)


Kennel from Velvet Mountain (in German & Enlish) Pups of Kaja and Bashyr. TIP


Kennel Didactic´s (English)




Kelpie in Italië (only in Italian)

Skovfarmens Brown Balto (Italian & English)


Kennel Outback-workaholic's (mainly in German)


Kennel Deepeyes (Norwegian & English) Pups of Arya and Bashyr expected in 2014. TIP


Kennel Asocjacja (Polish & English)


Breedclub in Sweden (only in Swedish)

Meringa's Kelpie Database (English) Great pedigree database! TIP

Kennel Aussie Action's (only in Swedish)

Kennel Busligan's (only in Swedish)

Kennel Cefeus (English & Swedish)

Kennel Cukids (English & Swedish)

Kennel Lilla Primtorpets (English & Swedish)

Kennel Meringa (English & Swedish)

Kennel Miss Magoos (only in Swedish)

Kennel Nakkarra (only in Swedish)

Kennel Rostaggens (English & Swedish)

Kennel Vickulas (English & Swedish) Pups of Kirra and Bashyr. TIP!

Kennel Sandskogen (English & Swedish)

Kennel Whyalla's (English & Swedish)

Vickulas Kirra (only in Swedish)

Sofia Olsson Kelpie photogallery. TIP!




Miscellaneous doggy related links

Overige honden-gerelateerde links


African Mystery's Basenji kennel: great & very informative site!


dr. Uri Vecht - Orthomanuele dierenarts Praktijk in Wageningen

Hond in Balans: Stella de Vries


Working Kelpie Club Nederland (other breed than the Australian Kelpie)


Orbee®: toys which are loved by all our dogs and us!

Why we love it? They: bounce in unexpected directions; can be filled with food; gentle to the teeth and gums; nearly indestructable; smell good (mint); supports a great cause!

Great dogtoys from Planet Dog® available in Europe via Dog Wellness

Billyshop: sells lovely things also with Bashyr on them, like keyhangers and stickers.

Dog Service Amsterdam: Hondenuitlaatservice.

Dieren fotografie & tekeningen by Bianca van der Post.

Blind dogs: Informatieve site voor eigenaren met blinde honden!

Friendly With Dogs: Interesting for dogtrainers and dogenthousiasts!

Canine Company: Brigitte van Gestel

Hundund (only in German)


Animal-fysiotherapist Annika Falkenberg (only in Swedish)


Your purebred puppy


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