Australian Kelpie in Holland

Bashyr, Indra & Numme (lying down)
Bashyr at wprk with sheep.
Bashyr, Indra & Numme.

In memoriam of our beloved doggy-family...

In memoriam voor onze geliefde hondenfamilie...

Dyadzia of the Two Choices


* 23-07-1997 - † 02-02-2006


Zia had a huge braintumor, which has caused her blindness and epilepticfits.


On 02-02-2006 we all had to say farewell to our beloved little Princess Zia.


Zia only became 8,5 years old. She will be deeply missed.


Zia had een enorme hersentumor, waardoor zij blind is geworden en epileptische aanvallen kreeg.


Op 2-2-2006 hebben wij afscheid moeten nemen van onze kleine Prinses Zia.


Zia is slechts 8,5 jaar oud geworden. Wij zullen haar enorm missen!



For my sweet little Zia


Too soon, too quickly and too fast.

I don’t know how long this pain will last.


To me you were much more than just a dog.

Losing you is such a shock!


You’ve touched my heart, you’ve reached my soul.

For you in life you that was your goal.


You were our first, we’ll never part,

For you, my dear, will stay in my heart.


All your life you gave us love.

Now you are in heaven above.


You had no pain, you still enjoy

Playing with your favourite toy.


You brought much joy and surpised us all,

How much we learned, we started small.


You gave life to 4 lovely pups,

You were so loving as a mum,

Who fed and cared and played a lot,

But then you met the one you love.


Her, you adopted to stay and play,

She made you very happy untill today.


You hunted rabbits and some birds,

You couldn’t help it, you had an urge.


To pet and cuddle untill the end,

We did with you, my dearest friend.


Please stay happy, please stay proud

Untill we’ll meet again, without a doubt!


Goodbye my dear, goodbye my love,

Enjoy your time in heaven above!


-Daphne Geerlings-


Copywrite D.N. Geerlings © All rights reserved.